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We come to you absolutely FREE for weekly testing! We can set up screening and or testing via drive-thru, or private interior testing, classrooms, or pop-up events for patients, employees, or walk-ups.

We keep you in compliance, reduce outbreaks, mitigate impact.

We provide staffing

Just sit back and let our team provide all the staffing and labor needed to test your facility. We are reliable, compliant, and professional.

We provide reporting

Our lab software is fully HIPAA compliant and securely automates the results reporting via SMS and encrypted email. Every patient/employee is pre-registered, then they (or the facility) log-in to review their report.

We provide screening

If needed, our staff can do inbound screening of personnel, patients, guests, employees. Both questionnaires and physical screenings may be utilized.

Fastest TAT available

With some results returning as quickly as 3 hours, our average TAT is less than 12 hrs. When shipped they rarely exceed 48 hrs but we guarantee results in no more than 72 hrs.



We provide testing

We will drop ship, or hand deliver tests to the site at no charge and return them for analysis to our lab. Its covered!

We handle end-to-end

We take all of the management, compliance concerns, guess work, questions, and headache out of on-site testing needs. From drive-thru to the boardroom, GoLab + Avellino have you covered!


Please call 415-638-2002 or inquire below:


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